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Hi! Currently the sign-up form on my home page shows the success text triggered by clicking submit. This obviously means that it shows up even when the form hasn’t been successfully submitted but the user clicked e.g. before entering a valid email address.

How can I have it trigger on successful submission?

How can I toggle between seeing the success text and the form?

[All this is aside form the fact that mailchimp isn’t working right now… I guess there’s no way to have an error message show when the email address is just disappearing into the ether and not being logged anywhere??]

Here is my public share link:]

Hi @michmeagher, thanks for the post. Quick question, one option that is available, is to mark the email address as required. Have you tried this?

You can mark the email field as required from the field settings, by selecting the field, then selecting settings panel (gear icon).

You can toggle the visibility of the Success form in the designer, it’s default styling is Display none. That way you can style the Success Message.

BTW, the success message shows after form submission, because the form is getting posted to mailchimp without error. The reason why the fields in Mailchimp are not showing however, is still being checked.

The MailChimp investigation is ongoing, as soon as there is an update for this, I will inform :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thanks Dave!

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