Transferring Site to New Host

So I hired a Marketing company for advertising, and they rebuilt the site and wants me to point it to “their” server which I believe is AWS. The site is currently hosted on a private host server and I really like it. I do not mind switching host, but if I can saty with my current host, that would be ideal, and it seems that this is causing issues with them trying to get the rebuild site live.
So, I bought the domain name from NameCheap and used NameCheap to enter in the information from my private host server to point my domain name to his server. Now, in NameCheap there is no record of a Hosting Service. The site has been working fine and is producing.
In this case, what would be the best thing to do? The support at NameCheap is OK, but I am getting conflicting info depending on which agent is replying. The tech for the Marketing Company is really confused, and the woman I was working with on the site rebuild is on vacation, I think she gets back tomorrow.
Any help is greatly appreciated! J

Is your DNS also with NameCheap?
If so that’s where you’d remove your Webflow DNS records, and add your new DNS records for your new site.

Once that’s done, it can take a day for your changes to propagate through the DNS network globally.

thanks for the reply. No, my DNS is with another company. If DNS is the same thing as host server that is hosting my site. So, I would have to access my DNS host server to remove my DNS records, correct?? Thanks!

yes if you’re not using any thirdparty DNS management like cloudflare


  • Host refers to the webserver running your site, e.g. Webflow or your new setup on AWS.
  • Registrar refers to where you’ve registered your domain name.
  • DNS ( or nameservers ) refers to the lookup table that defines how requests should be handled for your domain. Currently it is setup to direct traffic to Webflow, and you want to remove those A and CNAME records and add the correct ones for your new host.

The DNS might part of your Registrar’s service, or you might be using a different DNS service. You’ll need to determine that first, the rest is simply updating it.

thanks, that help alot!