Simple (general) launch questions to replace an old site

I’m a novice, and this is probably really simple but I honestly just don’t know what I need to do. I have a live site originally done in Dreamweaver an eon ago. It’s hosted by an independent person with a server service. I now have my new site built in Webflow and have some basic questions about making the Webfllow site live changing to Webflow as the host).

I think there has to be an “index page” that is the home landing page for the domain (in this case Do I need to take my old index page down before launching the new site? Seems like Webflow lists it as the “home page”, vs an “index page – but both would be tied to the domain). .

In a nut shell, what do I need to do to launch my Webflow site (using Webflow as the host) to replace an existing site (the actual mechanics of it outside of the 301 re0directs)?

Hi, welcome to Webflow!

Without knowing too much about your current setup, this would be my recommendation:

  1. Fix a definite date to change over sites.
  2. Contact the current host and give them notice that you’re taking the old site down.
  3. Make sure your 301s are in place.
  4. In the middle of the night (or when your site has low traffic times), change the dns settings of your domain from your old provider to webflows
  5. Publish your webflow site.

I did this for a client of mine ( and it works seamlessly.

Thanks - that actually helps a lot, but can you clarify what the DNS setting is? This is something currently set on his server that will now need to be updated with that same information transferred to server of Webflow?

The DNS tells your domain where to look for the host. It essentially works as a translator between your domain name and the IP address servers read. If you are unfamiliar with the CPanel or other back end components of your domain account (wherever your domain is parked) , you can probably contact that company and feed them the new DNS settings). For Webflow’s DNS record change info (A and CNAME), visit this page:


Ok, getting closer. Anyone using inexpensivedmains? Apparently when I bought the domain name that’s who I used. When I go the DNS management page I can’t seem to find what I see in the video link above. The best I get is in the screenshot below. Looks like I am using “custom name servers” - whatever that is…? This leaves me stuck. Can anyone explain this to me?

Oh, and I don’t see anything about a “cname” anywhere.

Ok, not 100% sure how but I managed to get where I needed to be and the site is live. Thanks to those that helped me out.