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Ghost + Webflow?

Hi! We’re Webflow users, but would like to host our blog on Ghost, which, for SEO reasons, should stay on the root domain. So /blog/. What options do we have for that? Is there an API we can leverage?

Currently there’s no way to use the Webflow CMS outside their hosting packages.

Hi Jaan-Matti, what was the solution you went with? I am in a similar situation as yours and trying to figure out the best way forward. We also want blog to be on ghost with /blog/

Worth a look

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Actually, I want the other way round. Convert Casper theme to Webflow. Is there any solution for that?

Not without recreating the theme from scratch within Webflow. Currently there’s no way to import code to modify further within the Designer.

did you try ? does it work ? that could be interesting to host CMS based webflow websites in europe, isn’t it ?

I have used it for Shopify and Woocommerce, but not Ghost. The Udesly docs a very good now. They have a Ghost template to get up and running quick Bound to be some quirks!

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