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Transferring sites with CMS content

Continuing the discussion from [resolved] How to transfer a site to an Organisation (Team plan):

@PixelGeek What happens if I need to transfer a site with lots of CMS data? It is saying I need to unsubscribe from a paid plan before I can transfer, but if I do that will the CMS content be gone?

@thesergie have to answer this and make a toturial maybe on Site transfer between accounts and let us know if data is transffered also.

You should be able to transfer sites with CMS data. To transfer a site go to your site settings and click on the transfer link icon in the top bar.

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Hi @gksargent - nope, the data will live on. CMS data only gets deleted when the site is deleted. You can safely cancel the subscription plan, then transfer the site to your client


Hi, I just upgraded to the Professional plan so that I can transfer my a project to my client (for whom I am getting a Personal plan) . However, I am unable to make the transfer as Webflow says I should have not have any hosting subscriptions? I have the CMS hosting subscription and am afraid of cancelling it before transferring the site just in case all the content on the CMS is lost.

here’s the message I am getting:

Hope to hear from the staff soon!


@Spiffeshwar You won’t lose the data, it will just be inaccessible until your client sets up the CMS hosting.

My bad. That was exactly answered above, just didn’t link that problem to the message I saw on my screen.

Thanks! Its done now :smile: