Traffic tool and client hosting


I’m making a portfolio for a client and she wants to have a tool that would check the traffic on the site. Is it possible to implement this on webflow ?

Also it’s a pretty simple portfolio and I was wondering what would be the cheapest solution to host it ?
It’s a site that I would just deliver to it once it’s finish, but is it better for her to host it using webflow (she already bought a domain and would like to use it) or using an other things like OVH ? She is looking for the cheapest solution.

Hi @MoinardColin

You can use Google Analytics, just add the code on the site settings.
Go to Site Settings -> Integrations -> Google Analytics

Regarding hosting, I usually advise clients that really want to save to buy a hosting plan at for a basic £3 a month (around 4$?) and it evens allows you to have your custom email (for example

Costing a total of £3 a month to have a website and custom email :slight_smile:

Oh that’s a very decent price, i’ll suggest this to my client !
It’s nice you can use google analytics in webflow, I’m gonna give it a try :slight_smile:

But… if you host the website with an external host, that won’t work…
The code you place on the stated location will only work if your website is currently hosted with webflow.

If you decide to go with an external hosting service, you need to follow this:

And use the Static Website page guides.
you’ll have to add the code provided to your HTML source :slight_smile:

Oh okay. Thanks a lot for all the infos, I don’t know a lot about the way all of this works so thanks a lot for the help !

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