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How to Host Website Outside Webflow?

Hey all. I built a very basic 6-page personal portfolio website (home, about, projects main, project 1, project 2, contact) within Webflow and I was just curious if it’s possible to utilize an outside hosting service rather than Webflow’s hosting service?

If so, what’s the step-by-step process for using an outside hosting service (and not Webflow)?

If it is possible, does that also mean I won’t have to pay Weblow’s monthly fee, effectively making my project free from Webflow’s side of things? I believe I’m currently paying $15/month on their basic plan.

The reason why I want to use an outside hosting service is because an old instructor of mine built a hosting platform and he now hosts websites for a lot of his students at a super discounted price. My old portfolio website is still live and hosted with him so I’d like this new website (which is replacing the old website) to simply “step in” so-to-speak and replace the old website. Hence why I’d love to keep hosting outside Webflow (also doing my instructor a favor because he’s a good guy!).

Please let me know. Thanks!

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If you want to take your website and host it using an external provider this is fine, you just need to export the project. It then generates a zip file with all html, css and js ready for you to upload to your hosting provider.

It might have changed, but I believe you cant export on the free plan.

I guess once you export you could then cancel the plan, then say 6 months down the line you want to make some changes you could then pay the $15 then cancel once you got new export

Hope that helps.


Note: It wont export any CMS, only static HTML.