Tracking which pages users visit

I am building a site for a convention event that is being held virtually this year because of the pandemic. The client wants to be able to track which users visit certain pages, like when a person walks up to a booth at a convention and writes down their name.
I am having trouble thinking about how to do this, I was trying to use Memberstack to have users log in but then I am not sure how to track what pages they visit from there.

They want to be able to see, for each page, a list of names of the people who clicked on it.

I would be grateful for any advice and tips!

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Any standard web analytics should tell you that. Some are free, others you need to pay for but you get more out of them. A couple of options:

  • Google Analytics (free)
  • Hotjar (paid)
  • Optimizely (paid)
  • Lookback (paid)

Exactly at @joejola suggested! You can integrate an analytics tool like Google Analytics, Hotjar or Heap in conjunction with Memberstack. Might need some custom code depending on what you need to track within a specific page, but feel free to post on Memberstack’s Forum to see if anyone else has explored those options.


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To track their name, you’ll need a way to collect that info before they visit those pages (it’s possible after but a little trickier). As you suggested yourself, Memberstack is one way of doing that.

Another way is if you ask users for their names as soon as they land on the site and then store that somewhere. Then, as they visit certain pages, you can either make a note of those pages against their name or send their name to Google Analytics along with each “page view”. GA should be able to tell you the pages that were viewed along with the names.

Instead of asking for names, you could just use cookies.

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