Are there any Pretty Link / Clicky Type Options for Webflow

The last topic on Pretty Links I saw is from 2019, and not sure if a solution exist for 2023. I’m looking to track clicks on links on my site pages for tracking purposes, such as how often someone clicked on it, by day/time, and from which GEO location. At a minimum, I would like to track clicks, the rest is nice to have to proper tracking. If there are no outside solutions for this, are there custom code options for this to at least track clicks?

I’ve never heard the term “pretty links”, but usually if you’re looking for broad stats you’d just use Google Tag manager and Google Analytics.

There are many other platforms and many other ways to track including custom builds, but you’d need some sort of 3rd party logging service to collect the data.


Pretty LInks is a company that’s for Word Press where you can shorten affiliate links/cloak, track clicks in detail, etc. Doesn’t sound like there is a third-party tool for Webflow from other companies yet. Google Analytics and Tag manager don’t offer the same flexibility and tracking as Pretty Links. Another tool “Clicky” used on Word Press allows you to track where uses are coming from how users navigate from page to page to post to post. Looking for a Webflow third party tool for this as well.

Looks like this place has something similar:

If you don’t find a packaged solution, these are easy to build.
Typically on Webflow I run with;

  • Wildcard redirect from e.g. /link/(.*)/track?link=%1 to consolidate shortlink requests.
  • Script to lookup the affiliate code from CMS data, add a cookie**, and redirect to the target page
  • I have a global script which injects a hidden field into all forms containing the affiliate code automatically just to keep things simple
  • I also inject that code into the GTM data layer, so that any GTM conversion events like button clicks also have that data.

** Depending on your marketing policy, you can set that cookie expiry to match how long that affiliate click is considered valid.

I’m finding that hard to imagine :wink: but what they do lack is simplicity. Massively over-engineered for basic stats tracking.

Also you can make the entire system completely transparent ( no redirects ) using a reverse proxy to deliver the page directly via a rewrite.

You should be able to adapt this approach for any stats-tracking platform, but in most cases we use the form submit data directly ( it goes into Salesforce / Pipedrive / Nutshell etc. ), or we’re just after the conversion data which GTM feeds to Analytics.

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