How to Track my Leads

How to track my leads in webflow whether it’s coming from Google Ads or Facebook Sponsored Ads.

Your question is not completely clear to me. Could you elaborate your query?

Are you familiar with google analytics? You can get the referring link for incoming traffic.

The best tool for analytics I’ve used is Hotjar it allows you to see recordings of your visitors and heat maps so you know where they’re clicking on the site.

The plan is free for up to 2000 visits a month, and well priced for the plans above that.

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I am running my ads on fb and google both. For fb ads i am using UTM parameter fb_ads and gor google ads using google_ads. So need to track who so ever filled form came from which url fb or google. i have created form in webflow.

You can also try:

They offer the biggest free version and unlimited heatmaps.

You can simply install It will show you what channel of traffic users come from, what country, what device, etc.

5 Tech Solutions for Managing Sales Leads

  1. Equip your inbox for sales duty
  2. Look for hidden sales functions
  3. Capture and track leads and ideas
  4. Make your smartphone a sales tool
  5. Get a better CRM system