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Top TV Picks of the Week Site


I have just created a small responsive site, (based around our Screen iPhone app) that simply displays 6 new TV shows or movies each Friday.
These shows are currently for the UK only from either BBC, iTV or Netflix.

It is a Webflow CMS based site, using custom HTML embeds linking to elements within the CMS.

I just wanted to get some initial feedback / thoughts from people on it, is it easy to navigate (not that there is a great deal to navigate), are all the features obvious enough? You can view the trailer, and also tap to actually view the show/movie on the appropriate website. If you have the player (Netflix, iPlayer or ITV Hub) apps on your phone it will open within the app.

Is it obvious enough as to how to view the show?

Is this something that might be of interest to anyone? To get 6 top TV picks each week. Should it be each day?

Anyway, if anyone takes 3 minutes to have a look and give me any feedback I would be really thankful.


Hi Darren,

really nice work! I love the clearness. Just one thing: the placement of the logo-buttons in the right lower corner could be problematic on smartphones - at least for right handers.

Hi @weinro, thanks for the feedback. Do you mean left-handed?

No, right handed like me. It’s easier for me to push a button on the left lower corner than on the right. But that’s just a minor detail because I suppose that users will mainly press the play icon in the video thumbnail.

Hey, nice and clean I like it. One thing I noticed is on the very top you have a text inside a section. Beneath is a another section with a different background color and a form. It took me a while to understand that they belonged together. Just a observation from my side. Maybe they could have the same bg color?

Good work =)