Tool to monitor small changes on Webflow website?

Is there a product that you can recommend that can help me monitor small changes on my webflow websites.

As an example, I was using a third party PDF embed tool. And the PDF hasn’t been displaying for a while and I didn’t know. I would like to find a tool that can pick up things like this and alart me as I use a lot of tools on my sites.

Any recommendations or advice would be welcome.

Thank you.

There are monitoring services that can check specific elements, keywords, or general visual changes. I haven’t investigated your specific need, but this one looks like it might work for you.

If you try it let us know, monitoring things like IFRAMEs, Video embeds, etc. is a pretty interesting need, and not easily handled by standard uptime monitors.

@RyanUK - I would add Website change detection, monitoring, alerts, notifications, restock alerts | to the mix. You can use the cloud version and pay for that service or host it yourself - It is under an Apache 2.0 License.

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I saw that the other day in my web searches. Do you think it’s suitable for what I am trying to do? Have you used it?

Thanks Michael. I have been shortlisting various services over the last week. Visualping is one of the ones that seems to be well known, but more on pricey side. Right now I am leaning towards Hexowatch, which also have a sister site called Hexomatic. I’ll let you know the ones I test and if its worth it. I didn’t think I would need such a service until I have a few add-ons that started letting me down. These add-ons were from reputable companies, but even then things can break. Thanks.

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@webdev @memetican Just a quick update for you both, not sure if it will help you. I have decided to go with Hexowatch as I have heard good things about it, but also because I could managed to buy it at a good price.

I have attached a screenshot of some of the things you can do with it. Its just a screenshot of the backend.

I have only started using it today, so too early to tell. I may update you after a while. However, I found a second site today where it had changed even more and I had not paid attention. It made me realise how badly I need a product like this. I am a parent, full time carer and run a small business, so it’s very easy to get busy and complacent.

There are tons of similar products out there, so it might be worth a look for those that are very busy and have sites that are important to them.

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