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Downtime Monitoring Service

Hi All - looking for a Website Downtime Monitoring Service that plays well with Webflow. We will have several sites / landing pages that we would like to make sure don’t go down, and if they do we would be alerted.

I appreciate any thoughts, recommendations or to be pointed to where Webflow has this internally… :smiley:

(i did do a search before posting, so my apologies if I missed this)


Webflow has a status page which includes info on various aspects of its infrastructure. You could poll your site for some chunk of content and a 200 status code on a periodic basis if you want. Would count against your visit count.

If your going to bother a site test then make sure your are making a separate DNS query on your own zone as a test too since that is a dependency that is not under Webflow’s control. And don’t forget that is dependent on the testing servers network, which is also dependent on the internet to make the connection to AWS/Fastly and so on.

For lots of nines reach out to the enterprise team which can give you a 99.99% uptime SLA.