Today you can build advanced web apps in Webflow

We all love Webflow, and if you are like me and use it almost every day, sometimes all day (!), you will know how hard it is to build advanced web apps using Webflow. Indeed, the topic of web app building has been present in this forum for many, many years…

But today, I just want to share with you that a new tool, called Wized, has been launched (on PH) to make it super easy to build the more advanced types of web apps you’ve always dreamed of building using Webflow.

The reason why I love this tool, before I get into it, is because it keeps us designing INSIDE Webflow - no need to add Javascript code, integrate lots of add-ons, export code, or even jump ship and use a completely separate tool like Softr (good as it is). Rather, Wized sits “on top of” Webflow so that you can just build your web app features into your design using your components, keeping it 100% design flexible.

Just quickly to clarify, I’m not affiliated with Wized in any way, I just really want to support what people like Jonas are doing to support our amazing Webflow & NoCode communities so I’m not on commission here!

Quick version: build membership apps, create marketplaces, gate content, add authentication, launch micro-SaaS products - this is what Wized is all about. It gives you the features we don’t (currently) have in Webflow natively.

Longer version: visit the website, watch the videos (prepare to be amazed!) and support them on PH if you have a relatively mature account i.e. don’t create one just to upvote as PH doesn’t like it, of course!
Product Hunt Launch (today: 13 July 2021)



I just want to say I love you for finding this. I have an upcoming project that is going to be a webapp and I have been doing tons of research looking into ways to build this since I am not a full on developer and I also made that known to the client. But looking at this, I might be able to get this going easier now.


This looks really good. Looks like the first product that has found a way to extend Webflow’s capabilities nicely. Well done to these guys.

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Love you too :slight_smile:

Seriously though, I’m happy to help and to share this as we’ve all been waiting far too long for a tool like this. Let us all know how it goes and I’ll do the same. I have 2 x projects lined up already.

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Well I know you know your stuff Jason (!) and so that’s a seal of approval worth having. Jonas is an incredible dev and when you consider that the current version of Wized is only v2, imagine where it will be in a few years time? A good time to invest I think.

Looking forward to using Wized. I’ve built previous web apps using Caspio but those builds can get quite costly. Quite intrigued about the idea of using Wized and Xano to build web apps in Webflow.


Ditto. With unlimited records and no API rate limits on Xano (at least the plan I have - not sure about all of them) Xano+Wized+Webflow is a pretty formidable stack by anyone’s standards. Let us all know here how you get on please?

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I hate to say this, but after 3-days spent on Wized, I wouldn’t build any kind of project on it.

The signup flow always leads to tens of users being registered on the Airtable database. The page redirect doesn’t work and the user doesn’t know his account has been created, because he gets told that his email has already been used before.

I tried following the tutorials and starting multiple projects from scratch. I tried from different devices and in incognito mode. The problem persists.

I wrote to Wized support and I haven’t heard anything in six days. I realize that starting a business is chaotic, I have been in this situation myself, but six days feels a long enough time period to get a basic answer.

I will get back to Wized in a few months, because the vision is really cool, but right now the product isn’t ready.

Looks like I am wrapping up the project, it took some time but the marketplace is working! Someone in the Wized community is releasing a wized specific tutorial soon. I can create a link to it once it is released.

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Sorry to hear this, Luca. Did you try their Discord community for help? Wized have hired more hands since you posted this so maybe you would get more response now. Their v3 is also imminent so it may be worth another look for you (I’m not on commission!).

Are there any showcases or succesful projects made with Wized? Would love to take a look

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