Prevent Search Engines from Indexing Public Sites (Disallow)


I’ve got two versions of my site:
1 - the privately published version on webflow’s url
2 - The exported version hosted on my webhost and domain.

Can you confirm that google and the other search engines bots can’t see the private version please? Or if they can that it’s set to noindex, nofollow. I just want to check there’s no chance of google seeing two identical sites and getting penalized.

Thanks a lot


I’m quite sure that all published sites on are not visible by google.

um… is that a 4th level domain you’ve got there :wink:


  • as for visibility… if your browser can see it… so can a bot.
  • as for bots… a bot chooses whether or not… to listen to the servers wishes.

In other words… you can tell a bot to go away

  • a bot can tell you to… [insert appropriate word or words here].

Google will review robots.txt and htdocs.

If you don’t want your site to be searchable by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc… go to SEO tab for your site. In the robots.txt field add this and re-publish:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

Hi guys,

Many thanks for all your replies. I’ve added the code to robots and republished.


I think you may have misunderstood? you do not want to put that robot.txt code on your " 2 - The exported version hosted on my webhost and domain." site or google will not index it …

I am a bit confused at the response to you also as probably only webflow would be able to access their server root level to block their servers from bots and indexing … and I thought that if you added code to the settings area of the control panel for the site you create with them that injects that code into your exported files and if you host with them the files placed on their servers?

Webflow … how do you block the bots from crawling our creative files that we do not host with you that we created / design in the dashboard, site design area? I think this it the question being asked.

I was a bit confused there as well.

I had thought… OP was

  • concerned about Google indexing the Webflow site.
  • not really concerned about Google indexing the exported site.
    ----- but that doesn’t makes sense (to me).

I’m “re-quessing” OP is concerned about Google indexing BOTH his exported and published sites.

As for Webflow… an additional question is the term “privately published version on webflows url”.

Those 2 words - “privately” and “published”… don’t seem to go together.

Am I missing something here ?

I thought a published site was a controlled but open door to the Webflow network

  • (as opposed to a non-published site which is a locked door)… and if it is - it’s not private.

If it’s an open door… Google will see both the Webflow version and exported version.

Hi guys

Thanks for your answers and my apologies for the confusion. To be clear, I was worried that both my exported site on my own domain/hosting and the privately published site on webflow’s subdomain would both be seen by Google. Thus causing an issue for ranking my exported site. I’ve added the user agent code in robots.txt filed that thesergie gave to the webflow version and republished that.

My exported site doesn’t use that robots code.

Hope that clarifies.


hey now… you learn something knew everyday.

I didn’t know you could add a robot file to webflow hosting.

cool :smile:

I’m in this situation. Because I share my design in my Webflow Public profil and Hosting it on Webflow, both show up in google search results.

Someone can help me Before Google start to scan my website?

Btw, Google see my url like this :

Any suggestions to hide webflow site from search?

Hi @gosselin07, I suggest for you to make the site a private site, and then you can selectively choose to publish to the custom domain or to the domain or both.

Optionally, you can enter the following in the Robots.txt field in the Hosting Tab of site settings to disallow search engines from indexing your site:

User-agent: *
Disallow: / 

Doing this however, will also turn off indexing for your custom domain, and that is probably not what you want.

I hope this helps, if not, let me know and I am happy to assist further.

Cheers, Dave

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Hi All

I have my old portfolio site that I want to keep up for my Public Profile on webflow - however I don’t want it indexed by search engines anymore.

I know of robot texts and where to put them in webflow however don’t know exactly what to put in there ever after reading up on it.

what can i do to hide this sites domain and whole site from google etc


This is a good reference. and you can add

User-agent: *
Disallow: / 

to the robots text area

You can use Disallow for specific pages but in Webflow you can’t NoIndex specific pages.

So, just to clarify, is it impossible to add the robots code to the webflow site ONLY and leave my custom domain alone? (It is also hosted through webflow.) If so, the main downside that I see is that I couldn’t have my portfolio site show up in my account profile next to other websites I’ve created unless I’m ok with Google ranking the webflow version alongside the custom domain.

Currently, it seems like my options are: 1. Privatize my webflow site, thus removing it from Googles’s rankings while simultaneously pulling it out of “websites I’ve created” list on my account profile. 2. Leave the webflow site public and either: a. Be ok with my webflow site coming up in Google’s ranking, OR b. Add robots to both the webflow site AND my custom domain removing both of them from Google’s ranking (aka: goodbye organic traffic).

Right now, it looks like my best option is to privatize the webflow version of my site. Yes?

I have added my webflow public link to my google webmaster tool, then once certified, i can ask for a Url Deletion.

That’s currently work.

Now it doesn’t work. I see in google instead Maybe is it related with .io?

Sorry for the confusion! We’re adding an option in the SEO tab in site settings where you will be able to disable search engine crawling/indexing of the subdomain. I’ll let you know when we push it!

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