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Tile Design Template - Need Help Editing Image & Contact Form

Hey guys…2 probs…

  1. I am using the Tile Template for a new site. I am editing it well, however I am getting stuck trying the change the image that is used in the main body of text on About Page -

I cannot seem to delete the image, or replace it. When I try and delete it, the whole container is deleted. Can anyone help?

  1. When I try and change the form text on the Contact Overlay, I make the overlay visible to edit it, and I can use the cursor to highlight each section of the form, but I cannot see the text in the box - it stays blank. I can change the Form fields no probs, it is just the title text of the overlay I am struggling to change.

Thanks! Any help would be appreciated.

Could you provide a share link of your project?

Here’s how:


Hi @foodpunks, thanks for the read-only link. I see two images on the about page, the section image and an image that is within the Rich Text Box.

Could you inform, which image you are trying to edit?

Also, is this the contact form text you are trying to edit? Screenshots would be helpful :wink:

Thanks in advance!

This is the link to the original Template:

Could you provide screenshots of what you want changed. I’m not sure what image you’re talking about.

Sorry for delay…busy at work.

I have attached some screen grabs of my problem. I can see the form, but I cannot seem to edit it, as it is on an Overlay or something. I remember doing a tutorial on creating these pop up overlays, but I can’t seem to edit this one.

The first screen grab is of the form I want to edit, which I can see in preview mode.

Second and third show the text and form I want to edit in the navigator.

Your help is appreciated…

I also want to change the image in the Rich Text field on the About page.

See screen grab below. I can’t seem to highlight it or locate the image to change it!

Any help here would be great. Anyone know how to edit pop-up forms from a template? Can see the assets in the Navigator, just can’t edit. See above. Thanks!!

Hi @foodpunks, thanks so much for your additional screenshots. I made a really quick video to show how to access and edit the Contact Overlay. The contact form uses a combination of Display None and Opacity 0 in the designer.

I hope this helps, let me know if that does not answer the question. p.s. I took a look at the about page, but the image in your screenshot seems to be removed.


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@cyberdave you stopped short of giving the answer as to how to edit the image in the About page example because the OP appears to have figured it out. Some of us still haven’t figured it out so would you mind giving the answer please?

@foodpunks how did you change or remove the image in the About page that you show in the screenshot above?


Bumping this up as I am still looking for answers.

Furthermore @cyberdave, I wonder if you could expand on your description of editing the Contact form by explaining how it can be made to work with an external form handler such as a .php script. (Assuming the site ends up not being hosted by Webflow)


Hello @mmediaman you can swap out the background image on the about page by selecting the “Hero Section About Page” element, and changing the background image:

As far as setting up your form on an exported site with the PHP script, that’s a little outside of my wheelhouse of expertise. I recommend making a post in the Freelancer section or the Code help section requesting guidance of how to do that from one of the Webflow Community Members.

Thanks for the reply @Waldo. However I guess I wasn’t clear enough that the image I want to change is of the skater in the Rich Text section. Not the hero banner image at top.

Hi @mmediaman, here is a quick video I made, that shows how to change the image in the rich text, and how to point your form at a php script. Please note that PHP is not supported in Webflow.

I hope this helps, let me know if I am way off :wink: I am happy to look further.

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Thanks very much for the follow-up @cyberdave. I think what I was missing was the concept that images in Rich Text blocks have to be deleted and new ones added as opposed to the “replace image” concept in other areas of Webflow.

As for the Form handler, I did find what you explained. If anyone has any nice suggestions for .PHP form handlers that are easy to implement and maybe have some level of security feature, I will appreciate it.

Thanks again @cyberdave and @Waldo. You guys are always very helpful and really help separate Webflow and its development community from other solutions out there.

I have no regrets leaving duda :smile: