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Please help : ). I having difficulty editing the Contact Section of a template

Hello. Thank you for reviewing my issue and please let me know if you may have any suggestion on how to resolve.

Contact Section:

Issue 1 - The contact section contains multiple horizontal scrolling sections and I would like to remove one of these sections, e.g. there is contact info for two offices (London and New York). When I try deleting the Container Grid that Contains ‘London,’ the horizontal scrolling become broken. It will scroll as expected, but will not stop on the form section ~ just scrolls right past it.

Issue 2 - I’m unable to edit the contact form. When I hide the other container grids in the contact section, it auto-hides all of them. Therefore, I’m unable to see the section with the form to make edits.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Robert Bergman | Product Designer