This problem is solve the by now. Thanks

This problem is solve the by now. Thanks.

Hey Sam, not seeing anything.
Perhaps you have a browser plugin creating it?

Delete your cookies and check your site in Chrome incognito mode.

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The screenshot shows all of the cookies on your site; there are none from

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Pretty much every site and framework uses cookies, which is why pretty much every site has a cookie notice.

I can’t answer to the legalities, but it’s a good practice particularly on a business site. Finsweet has a cookie consent widget that works with Webflow.

Where they came from… you can see that in the Domain column. It indicates who stored the cookie. Nearly all of them are Webflow, and I think gstatic is Google Fonts most likely.

As to why… I see _ga in there which is Google Analytics, Stripe, which suggests you have an e-commerce site. I can’t tell you much more but you could research them individually if you’re curious.

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