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Webflow Site without any Cookies?

Hi there,

I don’t have a ton of technical know-how, and could need your guys’ help.
I’ve created a site for a client, here’s the link:

The client is nervous and critical of his visitors data. He doesn’t want the website to use any cookies. So naturally I’m not using a Facebook pixel, Google analytics or anything similar. But still, I can see that there’s a cookie in use, if I check with the ‘view site information’ button on Google Chrome. See screenshot:

What is this cookie doing? How can I get rid of it?

Any tip or feedback is much appreciated, thanks!

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Hey Pablo,

i had a look into this and found the following:


These are cookies for Stripe and Google Analytics.

It’s just guesswork, but i think these are integrated by default and just working, if you activate E-commerce oder connect your google analytics-ID.

In terms of GDPR/ DSGVO this should be fine, as long there are functional and not for collection of user data.

Here you can check the usage of cookies by yourself:




I found similar to you when I checked in my normal browser. I’m thinking the GA is if you use a google account to authenticate (i.e sign into the dashboard).

I checked in an incognito browser and didn’t get any values when the cookie was selected.


Hey Tobias,

Alright, that makes sense, thanks for looking into it.
From a GDPR/ DSGVO standpoint it’s fine, but my client really wants to get rid of these cookies, even if they “don’t do anything”.

I’m in touch now with the Webflow support, to see if there’s a way to disable them alltogether. Will post an update here when I find anything out.


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I’m also looking forward to hear about webflows response.

Thank you for reaching out and sharing this update.



Hi again,

This is the response from Webflow:
"The cookie in question has to do with file storage. You can tell by the disc icon next to it from the first screenshot you sent.

Every project has one of those. Its a way to track where images are on the page."

I’m not really sure what to make of that…

…a way to track where images are on the page?

What does that even mean? No cookie is required for anything like that.

Agreed. I’ve never heard of local storage being needed to serve up images.