Cookies gathered by Webflow

I‘m curious what kind of cookies are created when a Website is published via Webflow. Does Webflow create only the necessary cookies or some others ones that need to be addressed in a cookie policy?

When it comes to privacy policies and cookie disclosure you should load your site in a clean browser and use developer tools to determine what is set. That way you know and can address it in your policy.

By default there are no cookies set unless you add third party scripts or custom code that does.

You can inspect as an example.

I guess I‘m not that tech-savvy to understand what they mean.

Because I know that it‘s not a legal obligation for the necessary cookies to be addressed in a cookie statement, but all analytics and marketing cookies are. But the Inspect tool doesn‘t tell me which cookies are which type.

Looks like your browser has cached cookies. Delete them and reload. There are none being loaded by that site.

You can determine what scripts set a cookie and then evaluate what the source is. If you need help with compliance on a production site let me know. I offer cookie consent and privacy policy solutions.

I might need for one future client project, so I‘ll have you in mind. Thank a lot!