Theatre site, London UK - gone live - feed me back!

New site for a unique floating Theatre in the heart of London (well on the water in the heart of London), UK.

Be great to get some feedback.
Please like if you like and don’t if you don’t.
Thanks for taking the time out.

*Graphic Designer/Art Director 20+ years, Digital designer from the days of Macromedia. Currently available freelance. Competitive and professional - drop me a message. *

After 30 seconds… All I see is green.

Refreshed… Still just green. Nice shade though… Seafoam Green?

This is for the loader anim with js - hide that element if you want to see the site in webflow - or visit

Fun website, I really like it !!!
But not that 3D effect on the menu, that actually made me a bit dizzy trying to read and select where to click at the same time…

Did you get past the seafoam barrier?

YES! And it looks great! I got to second Pasint review - loose the 3D effect on the menu. It’s cool and all… but it’s just too much. GOOD JOB!

I tamed it down a bit. I don’t want to loose the 3D menu effect completely as it is in sympathy with being on a boat (albeit an undesired seasick effect from you both :). Thank you for the feedback.

Any way you can get the 3 waves to go up and down???

Yes! I played with that in development and got it all working, then I had some issues on mobile. I will probably revisit that soon as it is a nice effect for sure.