The Webflow Wishlist is bad

Dear Webflow,

The new wishlist system is bad.

None of the ‘planned’ updates have been touched in 3 months. We are completely in the dark. The bulk majority of all requests are listed as ‘needs review’ with a few ‘likely to build’ (side-note - it is super hard to believe that you are going to deliver 132 features when 9 have sat there for 3 months in the wishlist, and many for over a year before the wishlist). No one ever sees any new ideas, and it doesn’t matter if they did because it isn’t updated beyond ‘needs review’.

At least when we had the wishlist category on the forum, if someone had an idea or it was possible with a reasonable integration someone would help out. Now we are just told to wait indefinitely.

Will we ever be given information about upcoming features? Or is the plan to just have us pretend they aren’t upcoming, try and sell without mentioning the platform, and pretend the problems don’t exist? It is a classic bait and switch move to let people vote on something that is never going to happen in a reasonable time frame under the facade of figuring out which features people want the most so you can develop them. If you have spent anytime on the forum, you know what people want and we’ve wanted it for a looooong time.

TL;DR I like Webflow. I like the forum too. I don’t like the Wishlist.


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