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The Webflow(s) through me

I can feel the raw power coursing through my veins - I have become one with the internet thanks to Webflow. No longer content to solely mock up a design and pass it along - unlocking Webflow’s secrets has granted me immortality.

Okay, maybe I am overselling things just a bit, but make no mistake: Webflow rocks.

For what we’re using Webflow for it’s leaps and bounds quicker than writing by hand. Webflow is already an amazing product and there is so much promise ahead, too. I am grateful such a great product exists - and Webflow University is an invaluable resource in it’s own right. I actually look forward to working on our web projects now. I cannot wait to see what’s next for this as I have been pleasantly surprised with the experience so far.


You’re not overselling it. I think it’s immortality while also being able to shoot lightning out of our fingertips.

I totally agree. Not since Illustrator 5 and Clip Studio Paint have I loved an application so much.

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yay! happy to have you on board @Slyhound! Got to love webflow, right?!