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The site previews in the dashboard are...odd

Dunno if this is a bug or not, but my site previews in the dashboard do not display properly. Not a big deal, it just looks odd.

i would attach photo but i don’t know how to attach a photo…

k, bye!


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Hey @rchrdnsh,

If you’re using a mac, the easiest way to take a screenshot is to press command + shift + 3 together, the png image saves to your desktop.

Otherwise, if you’re using Chrome browser, I recommend to install this

I know how to take a screenshot, but I don’t know how to upload the photo to the webflow forum. There does not seem to be a photo upload button anywhere in the editor or the interface.

The arrow beside the embed icon is the picture upload. You can also use copy paste or drag


thank goodness picture uploads are there! Although, as icons and intuition go…well…not a fan of that one (an arrow pointing up out of dead Gumby, maybe?)… :worried: (call me crazy, but maybe the icon could be a pic of…oh, i don’t know…a pic???..!..?

Anyway, here is the screenshot of my site previews! :grin:

The navigation bars are only 10vh in the design, but in the previews they show up as being UUUUGE!!! (like, 50 to 60vh to be specific)

dunno why, tho :confused:

anyway, thanks!

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