The planner turns out to be so slow and laggy that it's unusable

The creator’s strength appears to have been going downhill for quite a while. I recollect when I initially began utilizing Webflow years back there was never an issue, however shockingly now days things are so terrible, such a large amount of the time that I regularly need to quit any pretense of working in Webflow all together. It turns out to be unfathomably laggy and delayed to react.

I can’t pinpoint precisely what causes this, however it is by all accounts any time that any of the accompanying components are available in a site:

I’m attempting to alter a CMS thing or assortment when there are an enormous number of CMS things or assortments on the site.

I’m attempting to alter a page that has an enormous number of CMS things on it.

I’m attempting to alter a page that has more than around 5 pictures on it.

I stir excessively quick and wind up clicking things quicker than the fashioner can deal with, at that point it tosses a shaky.

Also, on a regular basis, for no specific explanation by any stretch of the imagination.

Truth be told I’m confounded. I’ve followed all the ordinary exhortation like plainly the reserve, attempting with all augmentations crippled and so forth, however the basic issue actually hasn’t been tended to. I’ve been enduring this for in any event 1 year that I can recollect. This subject comes up every now and again and is a significant issue for some individuals. However it hasn’t been tended to officially by Webflow (I may be way off track, yet I can’t discover anything).

Things have gotten so awful that I can at this point don’t suggest building and genuine sites in Webflow - it’s simply excessively carriage. Basic greeting pages sure, however anything past that has become a bad dream to deal with. This makes me pitiful as I had been a tremendous Webflow advocate and have carried accomplices and customers to the stage since I joined.

I’m almost certain this isn’t identified with PC execution possibly, I’m running Google Chrome on Windows 10 with an i7-3930K, 32Gb of memory and a GTX 1070.

Webflow, would you be able to kindly accomplish something? I need to continue utilizing Webflow however this is making it practically outlandish.

Welcome to the community @AnisTalking!

This topic has been discussed in a number of other threads here in the community and while there hasn’t been any specifics relayed on behalf of the Webflow team it’s undoubtedly something they are aware of and hopefully addressing behind the scenes.

Unfortunately I can’t speak much more to the problems other than suggesting your running a single instance of your browser window without any other open tabs and as few extensions as possible—however this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to experience any improvements. I’d doubt your PC specs are holding you back in any noticeable way, however your processor is nearly 10 years old so it’s possible that CPU-intensive tasks may be bottlenecked by that component specifically.

It may help to submit a help request via the Help & Feedback menu in the Designer so the support team can get more real-world projects that are experiencing the slowdown problem: