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A kind of portfolio page | First Webflow experiment

Hello Guys!
Just to share my first webflow project/experiment.
(Only desktop version for now)

It’s a simple portfolio/site style, but was very useful to learn and get used to the interface and some features of webflow.
I’m really excited with the results and I’m already started a new project. There is so much to learn and create here!
Thanks for your time and possible comments or feedbacks :wink:


VERY beautiful and unique. I especially love the hover interactions. Great job! Let us know when the mobile version is done :slight_smile:

question - is the nav bar going to be some sort of filter type function?

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Tks a lot @PixelGeek
I’m not sure if I’m gonna apply the mobile version, but I will keep you informed :wink:

Exactly, that’s the idea for the “work’s nav bar”, also not implemented too.

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Nice job! I especially like your use of the grid. That’s a great first project to show your friends what Webflow is capable of!

Best, JFly

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Hey @maximus, looking great ! excellent first experiment… You won’t believe all the possibilities that are open to you know… go discover for yourself, take the blue pill and see just how far the rabbit hole goes :wink:


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Awesome! Be sure to add it to the discover section so it can appear on your Webflow portfolio:

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Haha, nice words @cyberdave! Here we go :smile:

Tks @brryant! It’s already there!