The locale swither broken when I try deploy in staging & the mobile version is even worse

Hey, it’s my first time using Webflow. I followed a guide to add a language switcher, and it worked in preview. But when I deployed it to staging, things got weird. On the web, the font turns gray or something, and on mobile, the list disappears even though it’s clickable. Any help fixing this would be awesome!

*I already tried tweaking, but it still didn’t work. Hahaha

here’s my read only link

Thank you

Don’t worry, language switchers can be a bit finicky… For the font turning gray, it sounds like a styling issue that’s specific to your staging environment. Sometimes, the staging URL can have different settings or conflicts. Try checking the CSS for any conditional styles that might be applied only on the staging domain.

As for the disappearing list on mobile, this could be a visibility issue. In Webflow, check the settings for your language switcher in the mobile view. Ensure it’s not set to ‘Display: None’ or hidden under another element. Also, double-check any interactions or animations that might be affecting its visibility.

The whole process can be a bit of trial and error, but I’m sure you will tacke it! Good luck!