The checkout item out of stock error/bug - is there a solution to this?

Hi there,

So when customers add a product into their basket which then becomes out of stock before they manage to checkout, the checkout will throw an error and not let the order complete. This is working as intended.

However, there seems to be no native notification for the user to let them know the error is because an item in their basket is now out of stock. As such we’re seeing some customers completely abandon the checkout process with full carts, which is disheartening. And I’ve only been made aware of the issue due to a customer reaching out to us over social media about what the error meant.

I was wondering what other store owners have done to combat this issue?

I was thinking of changing the error message to include a “check your cart for any out of stock items”, however, this is a pretty bad for UX. The customer has to check each product one by one, there seems to be no native indication as to what is out of stock, and this message will display to all error recipients regardless of the problem causing a bit of confusion.

Any ideas?

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Did you open a ticket with support? I would.

Yeah, I have just waiting on a reply.

For anyone else viewing I’ve just set a conditional visual to show out of stock on the checkout summary of a certain item if something is out of stock. However, since we can’t add remove buttons on the checkout summary I’ve just added a message to tell customers to manually remove the items from their carts. Not the best temporary solution.