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Out of Stock State messages not appearing as expected on published site

Hello All,

I am really struggling to find out why I cannot get the “Out of Stock” state on my product page to occur. I have my inventory set to 0 on my items. When I click to “Add to Cart” it shows the error message.

I have became very frustrated as this seems like a simple condition to occur when a product reaches an inventory of 0.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank You

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I’m having the same issue. any solutions?

No, unfortunately no fix yet. I reached out to the support team, hopefully soon they get back to me.

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I’ve read in other parts of the forums that the “out of stock state” shows when the site is live? is your site live?

Yes I have purchased hosting and everything, Still no luck, and I have even upgraded and began using the product variants and still no luck.

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I’m surprised there aren’t any responses from webflow staff on this issue. :sob:

Hi @JasonSuh and @nssdesigns,

There is currently some work being done with the Out of Stock messages and those may not be showing correctly on the published site.

The inventory tracking should still be working in terms of actually blocking any cart update actions (trying to add items to the cart) that would exceed the available inventory, however — so at least customers are still being appropriately blocked from purchasing items that are out of stock.

It is just that the error message is the only mechanism that communicates this in published sites, and the out-of-stock state isn’t being displayed as designers would expect based on the workflows in the Designer.

Our team is helping to get this resolved in the ecommerce beta so that those show correctly.

The moment and update is pushed out I will notify you immediately. Let me know if any questions, I will be here to help further.

Thanks in advance

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Any updates on this? I also have issues with WF not showing the “Out of stock message” when quantity is set to 0.

Site is still in development and published on domain.

Hi, @InblickNicklas!

Thanks for reaching back out with additional details. I’m passing this information along to the team. This is an issue that we’re currently working to roll out a fix for. I don’t have a timeline yet, but as soon as we know something we’ll post here and make sure you know! :slight_smile:


Hi @InblickNicklas

This should be resolved now! :tada:

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