Email Notification when out of stock

Anyone have a solution on how to tie a product that out of stock with the email form so the client knows what item the customer is trying to add themselves to be notified.

Thank you !

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Did you ever figure out how to do this?

Hi, Leaf! I haven’t had to try and do this specifically, but I feel like it should be possible by setting up a form and using conditional visibility, so it only shows the form when the product is out of stock. I’m not sure how someone would go about automating, for example, an in-stock email notification, but maybe that’s not necessary in your case. If it is, you could probably set up something between Airtable and Zapier to maintain a list of customers who have opted to be notified, and when the inventory count changes, send a pre-written email to them.

Hope this helps get the wheels turning a bit, at least.