How to block e-commerce order when an item is out of stock/only one left in stock?

Hi guys

Just being asked by a potential customer that has a boutique shop if it’s possible to prevent orders being placed when an item is being sold and won’t be made again ever(boutique item). I am new to e-commerce, so I need more info on the subject.


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Hi Svilen,

That’s what inventory tracking is for. For those items you’d have an inventory of 1.
Inventory reflects how many you want customers to be able to purchase through your site, so if for some reason you want to keep 1 in reserve at all times. and you have 10, only put 9 as inventory in your ecom store.

I haven’t tried this, but you might also be able to specially flag products that you want people to call for availability. On those I imagine you’d set inventory to 0 but flip the custom switch “Call for availability” and then display a message on those items accordingly.

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Thank you very much, Michael.