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Would be nice: Nested child elements or siblings

Hello dear Webflow Team,

It would be a very good feature which is missed yet, to have more possibilities on controlling child elements styles.
So if we are working on nested structures of navigation menues, it is not very comfortable to set a class name to each level.
So for this issue, it’s better to design a selector which handles something like

ul.myclass li
ul.myclass li li …

or even

ul.myclass li ul li …

(Flexible tag names where great, not only ul, ol, li…)

In some cases, also the operators >, +, ~ (child and sibling operators) are very interesting.

Maybe it’s possible to include such features into the UI of webflow within one of the next releases.

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The Webflow team has said that they would work on that, a couple of times recently. It just makes sense doesn’t it? But no ETA on that.

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