Text turning blue without state?

Hi all!

ive got 2 things that im struggling to work out

  1. when you use the menu when you are in a section of my website the link will turn light blue in the navigation bar. ive checked the states and there is only hover? i wouldnt mind it being my slate blue.

  2. in the contact section the forms turn blue when selected. again their is no states to this?



Hey! You need to share published link, otherwise we will never find it.

Try: Set your “Nav Link” to text-decoration: none on default state.

Your nav turns blue on current state. You will need to explicitely state the colour of a current link for it to be whatever you want (it may not even show it as blue in designer but you will still have to change its colour - its a webflow bug)

For the form, again you will need to explicitly modify its border colour on focused state to override default blue.

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https://portfolio-453118.webflow.io/ hope this helps!


Add this to your custom code (header) in settings:


    .w-nav-link.w--current {
        color: #4659a5;

   #email-form .w-input:focus, .w-select:focus {
       border-color: #fff;


That should do the trick.

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you are a wizard! thanks for that, lets me have a little bit more of an understanding of code. do you also know how i could fix the annoying underline on the links in my ‘work’ section

You can totally just do that in designer, no need for custom code though.

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Sure he could. But this code was pretty simple, so maybe it could introduce him to the world of “Doing a little custom code”. You can still get a long way with that. :smile:

True but this also makes doing changes harder which is contrary to the whole point of Webflow :slight_smile:

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I might not work for Webflow, but i’m pretty sure that Webflow is not about making it easy to code, but rather making it accessible. If you’re using Webflow or coding by hand, the same rules of the internet applies. :smile: