Turn of off nav color change to blue relative to section


On home page, and sometimes when I’ve on another page away from the sectioned page, the changes blue or stays blue if I’m a different page altogether. How do I turn that off or make it a dark grey? I would like the underlined light blue to show if a section or page is chosen.


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when you edit your nav bar, go to the page that the nav link is linking to, then change the style accordingly.

You’ll notice that the page that you’re on will give the nav link a class of “current”

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For the blue navlink unless there’s a bug, it should indicate your navlink’s ‘Current’ state.
For the underline, edit your ‘Pressed’ state for your navlink (remember there is a Pressed state for Current as well as non-current navlink)

Does the issue appear only on the published site? (I don’t see any issue on the Preview read-only site)


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Hi PixelGeek,

I took screen shots of all the States and the formatting applied for those while “Current” is showing, so I’m not sure where to make my edits to change the color and make it underlined. Additionally, Service is showing in the active state still even though I’m on a whole other page (last screenshot). Thoughts?



Hi Mike,

I’ve not published the site yet. I’m seeing it on my end on the preview site.



which browser are you using, and is it up-to-date?
it seems fine on Chrome (OSX)

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