Can not change Current Nav Link State ( PLEASE HELP )

I would really love some help ASAP as I have a job fair this Wednesday and need my portfolio to be ready.

So I’m getting these blue current state nav links, which I really don’t want. I checked the tutorials and duplicating and take the page off and all that jazz… Does not work for me… If anything, I’m more confused. I do not know how to style the current state, nor take it off.

It will say the font is white when the current blue state is selected.

Please see the About Drop Down Nav Link below to see what I mean:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Nathalie,
What you want to do is go to the About me page then you want to double click on your nav symbol allowing to edit. Then open your drop down and select the About Me link. Where your text colour is you will want to copy the hex code then replace it with #fff or #000 then add you colour #c74a6c back to it. This is a problem I have seen often in my projects as well. After you have changed the current state you will also have to go in to current hover state as well and add colours to them as well.

I did what is written above on your read only and it worked like a charm so hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! I would have literally never figured that out! It works. :slight_smile: This is so very appreciated!