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Text links underline keeps re-appearing

Hi there,

Did I do it wrongly or something is not right. I already remove the text links underline and it works as expected. But as soon as click on it, the underline re-appear again. I tried to remove the underline from text block, link block, still it does not work.


Can you please share your project’s public link so it’s easier to understand your issue?

Learn how to do it here:

Hi Vincent,

Here is the public site

There is only one element inside. See the links, I have set disable underline but every time i click at that element in Designer mode, it keeps re-appearing.

Thanks for the help :wink:

This happened to me as well, but after copying the text link it fixed itself.

check this for the public webflow link

I think the best solution as of now, since it keeps appearing is to edit the normalise.css after exporting the code.

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