Creating Dynamic Links in CMS Rich Text editor

I’m making a CMS project to create blog articles. I use rich text for the body copy for the articles. Many articles reference each other with links (i.e. other CMS pages).

Problem 1 → Creating links from the CMS Rich text editing UI in Webflow only allows for ‘dumb’ links (i.e. copy and pasting a static link). I’m linking to another CMS page (in the same CMS collection), so I’d like to be able to do so by

  1. Highlighting the text in the Rich text editor
  2. Right click the highlighted text
  3. Clicking the “link” button
  4. [NEW] selecing the CMS collection I’d want to link to, then selecting the specific page within that CMS collection

That way it’d be WAY less painful for blogs to route viewers to more of their content. Being ‘context aware’ with the CMS object identifier, the link could self-update if the target CMS page changed the slug etc. at a later date.

Problem 2 → I can’t even copy the auto-generated link below the slug for an CMS collection page with [CTRL + c]!

The CMS editing side (Rich text editing specifically) is making making blogging a real pain. Would be wonderful if someone fixed these!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Staging