How do you link to CMS Collection page

How do you link to the CMS Collection page from your home page. Iv tried to link to the CMS Collection page using a link from my home page though it does not offer the link to my CMS Collection page as an option for a link. Im using the Lite Account Plan is there a way to use CMS Collection pages when you export and publish your page using the Lite Account Plan. I need a way to link to the CMS Collection page.

No way for now from the dropdown of “pages” (Link by page).


Option 1:
Use url relative (“relative to the current page”) - path:

Cons: Less dynamic. Pros: Very Easy

Option 2:
Create collection list ==> Source “blog” for example ==> Put inside link block/text


Go to link limit [1] + filter [by-name]:


Cons: Again not dynamic + If you change post-name the collection will be empty.
** You can filter by less sensitive feild (Checkbox “show on homepage” or any ideas like this).

The two methods are not perfect - but ± that’s what there is at this point.