Text inside Rich Text from CMS is not wrap and break

I tried to design the web blog post with column that we have one picture and the text.
But after tried, the text is not wrapped inside the RT component

In CMS they are like this

That is due to you not having any breaks in the sentece there (no spaces) If you want to force it you should add something like

    p {
      word-break: break-all;

Not sure what element is that but I’m guessing it’s a paragraph so this should solve it by adding this custom code into the page settings body code. If it doesn’t please share your preview link because this way we are kind of shooting in the dark

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I tried, and it’s still the same. The elements come from the CMS, so I can’t select anything inside the RT

You need to test that on live page if you want to add the code there. If you add the code in HTML embed on the page itself rather than in page settings that will let it work before publishing. Please try it like that as well

It’s working!!! Thanks soo much!!!