Sections of my website randomly don't show, even though I see them in the editor. I have not modified this site recently. Did webflow update and change something? Any help would be appreciated thanks

Hey everyone thanks for the help. I just went to my portfolio site I built with webflow, and my main “header” section at the top is missing all of the sudden. When I open the editor, I see it still exists but its just not showing for some reason.

In this screen shot below, you can see there is a “Top Section” section that doesn’t show. Its basically the thing I want people to see and takes up the entire page usually when people open the site, so it would be awesome if someone can help me. Webflow definitely made some kind of update or something, because I have not modified this site recently. Kind of frustrating and I don’t know how long my portfolio site has been like this which is extremely annoying but any help would be awesome.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Kevin's Portfolio

Hi @Kevin_Zehnder, shame to hear there’s an issue - can’t speak for Webflow but I don’t believe it’s possible that any updates from their end would impact this, nor have I experienced any issues myself.

That said, I did notice that a lot of the elements within the container are set to ‘absolute’ and no height is set on the container or top div itself. I also couldn’t render the images that I believe should be in the frame (i.e. personalpicture, background snake) - these also appear blank in the element setting window. Could it be that these have been removed from an external source?

Either way, hope you get to the bottom of it.

Well it had to be on their end because I didnt change the site and it disappeared. lol

I appreciate your suggestions I will give those a try but I think Webflow is obligated to give me a much better explanation as to why my website changed without my modifying it.

@domin8tor could you tell me why the “Hello I am Kevin and I love to code” is all dark and gray? That used to be black? Again, I NEVER touched these things. So I have no idea why I’m having to do this.

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 8.27.34 AM

I have a copy of this project as a backup…and you can see in the thumbnail how it should look. But then when I open the project its not there. Its so weird. I know this is on webflows end.

Heres the share link to this backup version if you dont mind checking it out @domin8tor

Hi Kevin,

Have you looked into the Z-index’s this was the only issue I could see when comparing to your backup.

A few of the elements are hidden behind the background image for me, when I adjusted the z-index they loaded in ok and looked like your backup again.

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Correction: the only other issue I could see after applying the fixes that Domonic mentioned above.

@Kevin_Zehnder - I recommend reaching out to support.