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Text Block, no margin by default?

Hi everyone!

I’m new to Webflow and started out by building a website with the help of a tutorial.

So far I’m able to keep up but just now I stumbled over something I need some help with. It’s probably a super stupid problem and I apologise for being an idiot!

Here it goes: When using the text block it shows up as a thin blue line on my screen while in the tutorial it’s an actual square (like an actual field you write in). It looks like the text block has already set margins automatically that surround the text that will be put inside.

Why do I only get this thin line?
Can anyone help? Much appreciated!!

Please include your site’s Read-Only Share Link with your question.
A read-only link allows the community to view your project without making any edits to it and help diagnose your issue or provide feedback.

If your project has custom code or layout issues on the published site, please share that URL/URI as well.

Hey Jeff,

I think I found out what the mistake was myself. But thank you for the advice, I’ll include a link next time!