Heading and Text Blocks Running Into Each Other

Hey Webflow Community,

I’m a Webflow beginner (<4 months). I have mostly worked on Squarespace up until this point, when one of my new clients came to me with a webflow site. I’m slowly learning the ins and outs but can’t figure this out for the life of me.

When I look at the back end of this site, the headings all look right and spaced correctly. But when I publish to the staging site, they look squished together. I’ve tried adding div blocks to act as spacers, tried to auto margin and manually create margin, I’ve tried moving elements — nothing seems to work.

What in tarnation am I doing wrong?!

Also any design advice will help. I have sample images in the site now so I’m planning to generalize those into squares. But otherwise the design is falling kind of flat.

Thankful for any help or advice!

EDIT: Share link didn’t work, I’ll just paste it here: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/wheyward-spirit?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=wheyward-spirit&preview=a49c02ad429c4ecaf3814804285d3108&pageId=61dced49a0e595bdb7e0d9cd&workflow=preview

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Please check and share your link, it is missing in above link.

By the way, you should check if your custom code causing the issue.

Thanks for the reply! Just updated the share link. I can check to see if customer code is messing with anything.

Your Blog page is password protected so I couldn’t check it on live site (where the issue is appearing)

You can remove password protection for some time, if that is fine for you. Or you could share the password then I would be able to check it. If you don’t want to make if public, you can DM me.

Ah sorry about that! Just removed the password protection. Thank you!

You’ve applied relative position and top/bottom position values on those title texts.

Which is causing the issue and those issues are on larger viewport so it is not seen on the base Desktop viewport.

Please remove those position values and your issue should be solved.

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Also I see that you have applied larger margins in few places. For proper spacing I’d suggest you also make use of padding on the parent elements like sections and containers.

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