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Padding by default, text blocks

Hi guys,

I’m new to webflow and posted this question already a couple of days ago and thought I found the solution but the problem is showing up again.

Whenever I drop text blocks on my site, they’re not surrounded by the blue box I have seen in all the tutorials but rather like a slim line.

Basically it looks like there’s no padding in my project. But even in the webflow university tutorial about text blocks, there is a square by default. It is a little annoying because I have to set the padding for my different text blocks manually now each time. It would be less time consuming if there was the (I guess) automatically generated padding already after dropping it on the site.

Anyone knows what to do?

This is caused by the line height of 1.6% you’ve set on the Body element for all pages. Remove or set to something different and your Text element will take up more vertical space.

Thank you so much Spirelli, that was it!! I can finally stop trying to figure it out, it really drove me crazy!