Text Based Variables

Variables are limited to 3 items. We have some text based items that could be used in multiple pages across the website. What’s the best way to create an instance for those items so that we can update them as needed. E.g. 100,000 Users and now we’re at 150,000 Users. I don’t want to go hunt down all of the pages to make that edit.

Hey Chris, the only native Webflow option is to use the CMS, or to use components.
However I get that this isn’t always the ideal.

In many projects, I’ll define a small JSON or YAML excerpt in my site-wide head, and then use JS to extract it and apply it where I need - particularly when it’s complex or oddly-shaped data like a businesses open hours.

In cases where the data changes externally, e.g. the # of people who have 5-starred your app in the appstore, I store that externally where it can be updated by automations, and then I apply it using a reverse proxy setup.

Can you access the CMS Collection on a standard page and pull random data from it?

Sure, with custom code.

Or, very crudely, let’s say you were storing the copyright year for some reason, and you wanted to update it to 2024. You could create a CMS collection with those vars. e.g. Name = copyright-year, value = 2024, then drop a collection list wherever you want to show that.

Not perfect of course, and it will be wrapped in 3 divs, and not friendly to inline placement or {{ copyright-year }} macro expansion, but, like I said, it’s a crude solution.

Note, I have this capability in future plans for Sygnal Attributes as part of the data-binding features. A lot of other things in the queue ahead of it though.