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Global Dynamic Text Injection with CMS

I am unable to identify an easy way to do {{dynamic_text}} injection natively in webflow.

I would like to do the following

  1. CMS Collection
    • Dynamic Text Collection
      1. Name
      1. {{dynamic_text}} match
      1. {{dynamic_text}} replace
  • Apply to whole website where {{synamic_text}} exists.

This way I can eaily rapid fire dozens of dynamic text events to whole webflow project without having to manayally scrub each pages for updated content.

Using for example
Footer Section

    • Copyright 2005- {{currentYear}}
    • equals - Copyright 2005-2018

Menu Ingredients

    • Ingredients Text Block: {{ingredientsProduct001}}
    • equals ‘One eye of newt, two oz flower, three pumpkinshavings.’


    • Price Text Block - {{priceProduct001}}
    • Equals ‘9.95’


You’d probably require a fourth field - a class selector in which to find those elements for a match

Is there a way to do this within Webflow without having to send it out and back Laravel?