Random text generator for CMS

Hello, does Webflow has a function like cycling different content randomly for a section on each generated CMS page?

For example:
I have a section and have 3 different sentences. For each generated page, Webflow would only use 1 sentence which will bring variety and make the page a bit more unique and less of a duplicate page.

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Use the collection list with Limit Items = 1, and sort = Random.
You’ll see a random new item from your collection list about every 12 hours.

If you need changes more frequently, e.g. on every page refresh, you can use this technique;

Random List Items on Every Page Refresh - Webflow

Is it possible to insert this into the text area in CMS? For example

[Text that will change every 12 hours] [CMS Dynamic text]

H First, I’m not sure what you mean?
You might need to show exactly what you’re trying to do and explain where you’re having problems.

A project read-only link is very helpful to.

I understand, here I recorded my screen: New Recording - 29.01.2023 12:54:43

We still can’t see how your page is setup without the readonly link.
But yes you can do all 3 parts with javascript;

  • Composing your message, with your item text.
  • Randomly sorting the possibilities
  • Showing only one