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Text align on CMS bullets

Probably a simple answer but how do I get my bullets to align left in the CMS pages?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

What are you looking to do?


Im looking to do a basic left text align but in the template i’m not sure how too :frowning:

Im looking to do A.

In any case, you can reverse your bullets alignment by telling CSS you’re using another language alignment:

ul {direction:rtl;}

Ok how did you do that?

Did you just add a bullet list and set it to left?
One thing I do want to keep is the right alignment on the following.

I’m not following you… You told me A, which is aligned to the left.
What do you want to the left, what to the right, where do you want the bullets?

Can you also share your read-only link?

I want all bullets to be align left, BUT the 3 bullets on the main hero section. Im guessing I would just create a combo class for that one.

The read-only is here

here is one of my pages and what it looks like with it right aligned. Its just hard to follow.

wait I think i fixed it with

li {text-align:left}
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