Rich Text Field CMS Text Alignment


I’m struggling with a funny text alignment problem in my CMS Rich Text Field.

I would like the images and text blocks to be centered, but the text alignment to be left aligned.

For some reason when a text line is too short, it defaults to centering it.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Monish Portfolio Website

@Monish_Khara The workaround I could see is aligning your flex block left, and playing with the padding to keep your images and text blocks centered. Is this what you would be looking for as a result?


Almost! But I’d like to keep the image and text block centered (see attached). Aligning left with flexbox aligns the text block with the left of the image.

A hacky approach to trouble shoot would be styling a RTE on a hidden page and get the elements looking how you want and then apply that class to the CMS item that gets populated

Hmm I’m not sure I’m quite following how to do this one?