Can't align multi-line bullet point text margins in CMS rich text field

I’m using CMS for the first time and can’t find a way to style bullet points within a Rich Text field. Long strings of text which go over one line don’t align with the margin from the bulleted line above. Does anyone know how to get the left margin to align? I can do it on a regular page using lists, but not within the CMS Rich Text field. Thanks folks.

On the site you’ll need to navigate to the Resources Template (in Collection Templates) to see what’s going on. Here is my public share link:

I’ve sorted it out now, just had to add bullet points using the plus button within the Rich Text field, rather than copying and pasting in from another document.

However, now I can’t format the text and for some reason it’s choosing a different font and spacing for bullet points. In the rest of the site all bullet point text is formatted the same as the paragraph text.

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