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Rich text RTL alignment?

Hi there!
I have a CMS element which draws text (In an RTL language) to a rich text element.
However, besides setting it correctly in the designer (typography and direction-wise), the text aligns to the center of the rich text element instead of to the right side.

How do I fix this?

(Please let me know if a view-only link is necessary)

Thanks a ton!

Anything helps :zipper_mouth_face:

You cannot set text-align in Webflow’s Rich Text element directly.

But you can style the RTE or style the HTML elements as nested styles.

Details here:

From styles/design side (Set your element -or- body to RTL direction).

On the editor the best trick (Until webflow will add paragraph direction) is to use this keyboard shortcuts:

  • ctrl + Right-shift Right to left
  • ctrl + left-shift LTR

This is global shortcut (Works on word, gmail, and so on).